School Uniform

Uniform Expectations

At St David’s High School, we expect students to wear their uniform with pride.
We believe uniform can assist in supporting positive behaviour, discipline and protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way.
Our uniform is designed to be practical and inexpensive and items are readily available from main department stores.

All Students


White polo shirt with school logo.

Cardigan / Fleece

Black SDHS V Neck Sweater, Cardigan or Fleece


Black Formal Trousers.
Must be straight leg, ideally pleated with discrete button & zip fastening.
No chrome zips to be visible, no tight fitting stretch style, no flares, no high waist fit, no denim, no cargo style, no tracksuit bottoms and no mountaineering trousers.


St David’s Tartan Pleated Skirt

As of September 2022, anyone who wishes to wear a skirt will be expected

to wear the St David’s Tartan Pleated Skirt* 

Shoes / Footwear

Plain black footwear with no coloured markings.

Black, grey or white socks (black or flesh coloured Lycra tights are acceptable).

Not Permitted

Black/dark grey or navy outer garment (casual, sportswear type outer garments are NOT permitted)
False nails

School jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts and P.E. kit are available from our supplier Monkhouse.

Black/Dark Grey or Navy outer garment (casual or sportswear type outer garments are NOT acceptable)

Black crew neck sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan or pullover with school logo.

White polo shirt with school logo.

Black skirt or trousers (casual and sportswear type clothing are NOT acceptable)

Skirts must be of a suitable length and appropriate for school -fashion skirts are not acceptable.

Plain, black shoes with a low heel.

Black, grey or white socks (black or flesh coloured lycra tights are acceptable)

School sweatshirts, polo shirts and PE kit are available from our new supplier Monkhouse. (see new supplier page)

Most of the items of dress are available from main department stores.
Please ensure that the student’s name is indicated clearly on all garments


Make-up is not allowed in the lower school – Years 7, 8 and 9.

The use of make-up is not to be encouraged in the upper school – Years 10 and 11.

 But when used discreetly it will be acceptable.


Students should adhere to the dress code and refrain from cutting their hair in outrageous styles or dying it in outrageous styles or colours.

Failure to comply with the dress code will result in disciplinary action being taken by the school.


Students are allowed to wear a watch, necklace, and a maximum of one ring per hand. If earrings are to be worn they must be studs (no more than one per ear).

No badges or brooches are allowed and neither is any form of body piercing. Any unsuitable jewellery will be confiscated and will be kept in the school safe until collected by parents.

Jewellery must be removed for P.E. and handed to the P.E. Teacher for safekeeping in a clear plastic envelope with the student’s name written clearly on the outside. 

If students choose not to follow this advice and loss or damage occurs at this or any other time, to any item, school cannot be held responsible in any way.

Other Items

Mobile phones, radios, MP3 players, computer games etc.

The school strongly advises students NOT to bring such items to school and, as with jewellery; we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

Physical Education

(Recommended garments)

All students are expected to participate in physical education unless excused on medical grounds supported by a note from a doctor. The following clothing is necessary for full participation and can be ordered from the school supplier during the New Intake Parents’ Evening.

Boy's Kit


Black T-shirt 

Black shorts (2 pairs optional)

Black football socks

Football Boots

Black and White striped football shirt

Gym & Athletics:

Black T-shirt

Black shorts

Training shoes

Girl's Kit


Black T-shirt

Black leggings or shorts

Black football socks

Training shoes

Gym & Athletics:

Black T-shirt

Black shorts

School jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts and P.E. kit are available from our supplier Monkhouse.

In the interests of hygiene a towel and a change of undergarment is needed.

For gymnastics students will work in bare feet in accordance with national guidelines.
All P.E. items should be clearly marked with the student’s name.
It would be helpful if indoor footwear could have non-marking soles.

Health and Safety

Pupils are advised that the wearing of a mouthguard can in some circumstances offer a measure of protection against mouth/jaw injury, and that a properly fitted mouthguard will probably offer the best protection. 

Where mouthguard’s have NOT been individually fitted by a dentist or dental technician, it is essential that any manufacturer’s instructions relating to the wearing of the mouthguard are strictly followed.

Whatever its origins a mouthguard must fulfil the following criteria:

It needs to fit comfortably but tightly

It needs to be easily removable

It should not impair breathing in any way

In the interests of oral hygiene, it should be made of a substance that can be effectively cleaned.

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