School Meals

School Meals

A Cafeteria system with a choice of main course and sweet is in operation. Young people can choose any item of food available (each priced individually) and pay for what suits them on a particular day. Items vary in price but a standard meal costs on average £2.40

A cashless system is now in operation which involves the use of a voluntary bio-metric recognition system. The facility may be 'topped up' via a cash revaluation terminal located in the school which will accep notes and coins. there is also an online payment service via the 'School Gateway' accessible through a smart phone app or the school website.

It is hiped that parents can help us in encouraging young people to eat a balanced and healthy diet wich is always avaliable.

School Gateway

As of Monday 14th September 2020, St David's will only be operating a cashless dining system using the School Gateway App.

What is School Gateway?

  • School Gateway is a free online parent portal where yyou can.

  • Topup your childs lunch money.

  • Check their balance

  • See what your child has purchased for lunch.

School gateway is a free app available on Android, iOS and web, meaning it will work on phones, tablets, laptops and even smart watches.
Click the link below to register.

Free School Meals

Information about Free School Meals (eFSM) and School Essentials Grant can be found on the Flintshire County Council webiste by following the link below.

Free School Meals In Wales: Information for parents and guardians Free School Meals (eFSM) and School Essentials Grant

Healthy Eating at School

As a school we are striving to be a healthy school and aim to support our students to grow healthy, safely and responsibly. We are striving to be a healthy school and are working towards achieving the Healthy Schools Award.

We also have a Health and Well Being Staff and Student Committee that  works closely with the school catering team, staff and students to ensure that we are promoting and ensuring healthy lifestyles and positive well being across the school community.

Flintshire Healthy School Scheme Accreditation Report

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